Friday, July 21, 2017

I want it loud as hell.

OK Go. I've thought about it, and I realize that this band has managed to pop up every time I've gone through a major life struggle. Apparently some people think that they are gimmicky and their music is ho-hum???? If you are one of those people, GET OUTTA HERE! GO!! YOU'RE THE WORST! They are committed to their art, they are thoughtful, they are original, Stephen Colbert loves them, and I love them too!

It is my goal to see them every time they venture within my vicinity. They never ever disappoint, and I would like to know what I'd have to do to get them to play on demand for me? They so love what they do and their shows are just trancendental.

I finally started painting my own shirts last year and it's an extremely fulfilling achievement for a nerd.

Also, that happened.

Anyway, it's the "End Love" goose (his name is Mario and he's famous). Also Tim.

As it turns out, stamping is a lot harder than simply stenciling. More panic-inducing for sure. More left to chance. But it turned out all right in the end.


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